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Photo: Flamingos

Fly with flamingos to some of the world’s most extreme lakes. Here, the water is so hot and filled with salts that most living things can’t survive. These flamingos can, though. Play this photo matching game to learn more about them.

Photo: Meadows

Wild Land

Travel to Scotland’s rugged islands to discover a place shaped by wind, water, ice, and gravity. Explore a few of its amazing geologic features.

Photo: Pilot

Teaching from the Skies

Meet National Geographic Explorer Barrington Irving and discover how he became the youngest pilot and first African American to fly solo around the world.

Coming UpPhoto: Bird

Photographs by: © Martin Harvey/Corbis (flamingos); Joe Raedle/Getty Images (Barrington Irving Jr.); © Axiom Photographic/*/Design Pics/Corbis (flowers); © Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott/Minden Pictures (penguins).