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Photo: Bat in Flowers

They tempt with smells. They signal with colors. They reward with nectar. Some even call with sounds. Play this photo matching game to discover some of the many ways flowers attract animals, and why.

Photo: 3D Spinosaurus

Predator's Paradise

Meet some of the dinosaurs that roamed the ancient Sahara, including the biggest, oddest dino of all: Spinosaurus!

Photo: Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal

A leopard seal rules an iceberg food web. Dive into the ocean with one to see how it hunts for prey.

Coming UpPhoto: Bird

Photographs by: Merlin D. Tuttle/Science Source (bat); © Leonello Calvetti/Stocktrek Images/Corbis (seal); Mark Garlick/Science Source (Spinosaurus); Joe Petersburger/National Geographic Creative (kingfisher).