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Photo: Wolves

National Geographic explorers Jim and Jamie Dutcher set out to study and film a pack of wolves. For six years, they lived side-by-side with the wolves. What they learned about these animals may surprise you.

Photo: Cloud

Cool Clouds

You might think all clouds are white and puffy. Think again. Take a world tour to see wild and wonderful clouds.

Photo: Earthquake Damage

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Hundreds of earthquakes shake our planet each day. We can’t stop them, but we are learning how to live with them.

Coming UpPhoto: Lightning Bug

Photographs by: Jim and Jamie Dutcher/National Geographic Creative (wolves); © Julie Dermansky/Corbis (Haiti); © Mike Hollingshead/Corbis (storm); © Satoshi Kuribayashi/Nature Production/Minden Pictures (firefly).